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Thank you for choosing Universal Rehab for all of your therapy needs.

We strive to be the best at our job.  Helping your agency get through surveys deficiency free.  We send out our therapy staff within 24-48 hours of receiving the referral unless the patient has refused. We use online documentation to ensure timely paperwork turnaround. 
You will get all original paperwork on Tuesdays unless it is a holiday.

We respond quickly to email/phone calls/faxes. 

We will be happy to help your company grow with the best therapy services. 

How many companies do you know that will help you get referrals well, Universal can help with referrals.

Our office staff is trained on all of the new rules/guidelines.

We hope to work with you soon.

Please contact us at 330 305 6760 or email us at juliag@universalrehabilitationservices.com